About Pop Culture Customs

Pop Culture Customs is a small, veteran-owned business that sells custom products for all different fandoms. We enjoy helping our customers express themselves and show off the fandoms they love with high-quality, useful, and good-looking items! With over 250 designs, we strive to include as many fandoms as we can and are always thrilled to add more.

Founder AJ Morton started Pop Culture Customs in 2023. After working for a traditional corporation, he was eager to branch out and follow his passions to a new venture. As the owner of Pop Culture Customs, he loves traveling all over the U.S. for conventions, connecting with people who share his interests, and having the flexibility to do what he loves. It’s also a joy to meet talented voice actors, celebrities, and creators with his family, especially his 7-year-old daughter.

Our products include popular anime, classic pop culture, iconic video games, and more. No matter which fandom you love, we can make products for you.